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To totally equip African aviation enthusiasts with every resource possible so that they not only become licensed/qualified aviators, but also become resourceful leaders who are willing to share their success with others.

What is yes we can fly?

We are a Christian organization with an aim to help those who aspire to pursue careers in the aviation industry.

how does yes we can fly help?

We help through linking them with affordable training, free to low cost resources, motivation, networking, income generation, employment and personal development opportunities.

Helping who exactly?

Though our reach is global, our primary focus is on aviation enthusiasts in Africa, especially those who come from low-income households.

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Ethiopian Aviation Academy

Africa`s largest aviation training academy, with a strict focus on service excellence.

Comet Aviation Supplies

The leading online aviation superstore in Africa! Based in Germiston, South Africa.

Cabin Crew Academy

A high-quality aviation training organization specializing in cabin crew training and tourism education.

Desktop Aviators

South Africa`s leader in desktop flight simualtion.


One of Europe’s major business aviation companies with over 50 aircraft worldwide and a vast experience in all facets of business aviation

International House Cape Town

part of the IH World Organisation, a group of 150 language schools teaching English to both foreign and local students.

Yes We Can Fly

Our mission is to establish and grow platforms where African aviation enthusiasts learn for free, are mentored, empowered and get opportunities to fulfill their dreams.


Problems We Are Solving


Through our platform called Jobs Yadley, we seek to solve the problem of high unemployment in the aviation industry. JobsYadley is Africa`s largest aviation jobs portal.

Scams and lack of Information

We own and operate Africa`s biggest aviation directory - Ask Yadley. This directory makes legitimate information freely and easily accessible to all those with a passion for aviation.

Limited access to resources

Through our online shop called Shop Yadley ,we provide very affordable products that encourage and nurturer passion for aviation.

Lack of funding

To help aviation enthusiasts raise income for their training, on Shop Yadley we give them an exciting opportunity to become sales representatives of the shop, selling various aviation products and earning a sustainable income in the process.

Yes We Can Fly
"There is a mystery that I still don't understand. It seems that when we pray for others,when we make their burdens our own, helping them in every little way possible, somehow our own needs are miraculously taken care of too"
Tarisai Tara Mabuto
Tarisai Tara Mabuto
Co-Founder - Yes We Can Fly

Our Amazing Members

Our membership is hugely diverse with over 127 000 young men and women from all across Africa. Although they all come from different nationalities and backgrounds , one thing unites them all – the wild passion to fly! These are our aviation junkies or our High Flyers as we affectionately call them

And this is what they say...

There is no way I would have afforded my pilot training had it not been for your help. Soon I will be getting my CPL and am so excited.



Private Pilot, South Africa

In my country there are not as many aviation opportunities. But having met you I am now beginning to see that I should not let my environment limit me. Yes We Can Fly

Manuel Mukuinga

JC Williams

Flight Dispatcher Student, Gambia

I am amazed at your constant care for my aviation success. There is not a week that passes by without you guys sendng me job updates or sometimes a call. I love you

Susan Kaitano

Susan Kaitano

Cabin Crew, Zambia
"The Ethiopian Aviation Academy is very keen to work with Yes We Can Fly to contribute positively towards the growth of aviation in Africa and creating opportunities for the youth."

Tigist Tirefe (Manager Sales & Business Development - Ethiopian Aviation Academy)