Your opportunity to get a

Commercial Pilots Licence


The CPL is a great journey. After you have obtained your PPL you are now ready to build your hours up and qualify yourself to become a commercial pilot. With the CPL you are allowed to fly commercial flight operations and be rewarded. You may also fly in the evening and in IFR (Instrument Flight Rules, Adverse Weather). You may decide to do a single engine or a multi-engine commercial pilot’s license. The exciting part of this training is learning everything about instrument procedures. It is also very exciting to build those first 100 hours PIC (Pilot In Command) time as a requirement to qualify.

What You
Will Learn

Human Performance


Navigation & Plotting

Radio Aids

Flight Planning



Instrument Procedures

Aircraft Technical & General

To obtain a CPL you will need to have a Night Rating and 200 hours total time. 
We strongly suggest that you do an Instrument Rated (IF) CPL. You can choose this option on the application form which you can access by clicking the APPLY FOR TRAINING button below.
pilot and cabin crew

What You Will Get

To obtain a CPL you must have a Night Rating and 200 hours total time. We strongly suggest that you do an Instrument Rated (IF) CPL. Here is a breakdown of your flight time.

pilot and cabin crew
100 Solo Pilot In Command Time
dual flight training
40 Hours Dual IF Rating
Affordable PPL
10 Hours Dual Night Rating
flight training
Practical Flight Test


Here are some few tips from industry experts that you can consider as you go through this course.

  • Do a Multi Engine CPL as it will cost less in the long run


  • IFR CPL is much more valuable than a VFR CPL

  • Get the theory out of the way as soon as you can.


  • Attend ground school sessions as frequently as possible.

  • Fly some of your solo hours at night.


  • Buy a home simulator like X-Plane for practice


Your training will be designed to be somewhat more relaxed as you will be building your solo. It is very important to plan your license ahead with your instructor. Everyone approaches the CPL differently. We advise trainees to complete as much subjects as they can before they commit to completing the solo hours. It is almost like a reward at the end of all the theory to go and just fly around for those hours. The instrument and night rating briefings are in the same format as with the lessons in the PPL. It is a good idea to have completed almost all the subject before starting the IF training.