It`s Now Your Time To Fly

Totally amazing. No, its AWESOME., It`s now your time to fly., Perfect program., No wait, it`s really COOL No, you ain`t dreaming.


Avcon Jet, the masters in flight training, will take you from ZERO FLIGHT EXPERIENCE to FROZEN A.T.P.L (Airline Transport Pilot`s License) in just 72 weeks. The training will be done in 2 locations – Johannesburg, South Africa and Vienna, Austria. Classic accommodation and food will be provided in both locations.

PPL Training

week 1 to 12

  1. PPL Ground School 
  2. Radio Telephony License
  3. Basic Flying PPL (50hours)
Night Rating

Week 13 to 60

  1. ATPL Theory
  2. VFR Solo (40 hours)
  3. Night Rating
class 1 medical

Week 61 to 70

  1. EASA Medical Class 1
  2. ATPL Exams Finals 4th Sitting
  3. 2nd Skill Test ME IR
Flight Simulator

week 71 to 72

  1. MCC theory 25 hours
  2. MCC Sim 20 hours
  3. Yeepie! Get your ATPL

More Information

  • Your flight ticket from South Africa to Vienna, Austria will be provided.
  • Accommodation will be provided both in South Africa and in Austria 
  • Food – 3 delicious meals will be provided everyday for the duration of the training period
  • All courseware and books will be provided
  • Uniforms will be provided as well